PWB at Karm Marg Part 2

28 November 2007

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The story of the last two weeks of PWB’s project at the Karm Marg home near Delhi, India.

PWB at Karm Marg Part 1

2 November 2007

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The story of the first two weeks of PWB’s project at the Karm Marg home near Delhi, India.

Supreme court orders rerouting of wall

4 September 2007

Israel’s supreme court has ruled that the barrier surrounding the village of Bil’in must be rerouted.

During the Boomchucka tour of Israel and Palestine we performed in the village of Bil’in.  The next day we partook in the 2 year anniversary of weekly protests against the barrier which cuts the villagers from more than half of its land.

The supreme court ruling is proof of the effectiveness of persistent cross community non-violent protest.  It is a major success for Palestinian, Israeli and International cooperation in undermining the illegal construction of a barrier which negatively affects thousands of peaceful Palestinians.  Together we can take down the walls that separate us.

I wish all the best for the future to the villagers of Bil’in.

Circus2Iraq makes gold from muck

5 July 2007

At our recent fundraising push at Glastonbury the clowns of Circus2Iraq braved the lakes of mud to bring back £740!   This is a sure sign that clowns are the true alchemists of our time – making gold from muck and then turning that gold it to smiles.

You too can help this assorted band of fools by donating yourself.  See Circus2Iraq website for more info.

Wicked Boomchuka pictures

7 June 2007

Our friend Graeme has published his collection of stunning pictures of our time in Palestine.  Be sure to check them out and look out for my cheeky grin 😀 and look under projects

Why not sponsor him on his walk and raise money for circus2iraq

BJC 2007 Fire Show Finale – Grease Lightning

17 April 2007

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Boomchucka 2007

14 March 2007

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The Boomchucka 2007 tour of Palestine and Israel.
See some pictures:

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