In 2002 Matt started an MSc in Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, it was an attempt to make some sense of the poverty, and negative impacts of development, he saw while travelling overland to India the previous year. After graduating he entered into the not-for-profit sector to find out how organisations meet objectives. He gained experience in fund-raising, administration, communication, volunteer management, project management and logistics, working with such organisations as War On Want, Survival International, Concern Worldwide and The Fairtrade Foundation.

However he was not satisfied working towards other people’s ideas of how development could be conducted, so he left to return to Asia for inspiration. While in Sri Lanka and India he worked as a volunteer on post-tsunami community development and human rights research. These experiences were influential in the idea of starting Performers Without Borders.

Parallel to Matt’s career maturation in the field of development, was his growth as a performing artist, and his involvement with the juggling and circus skills community in London. Matt has been juggling for over four years and now has a wide repertoire of performance skills. He has run a weekly juggling workshop, worked at Oddballs the premier juggling shop in London, and now teaches juggling.

Matt is well connected in the alternative progressive scene in London; he has worked with the arts community the Synergy Centre and is the Secretary of Sanford Housing Co-operative.  For six weeks in early 2007, Matt toured Palestine and Israel with circus2iraq.  They made 40 shows for 8,000 kids and held 20 circus workshops.


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