The many lines of an occupation

Lines on maps representing lines on the ground.  Lines on the ground made real by concrete, wire, cameras, check points and guns.

Monday; three shows and many crossings of these lines.

First show in a kindergarden in Shufat camp – inside East Jerusalem but outside (the Palestinian side) the dividing line.  From the school playground you can see the no mans land where the wall will be constructed.  Once completed it will stop the Israeli headteacher from coming to work.  No one knows what will happen to the school; no one wants to think about what will happen when Shufat is cut off from the rest of the world.

Second show was in Anata a suburb of East Jerusalem behind an already constructed section of the wall.  Along with an Israeli only road the wall surrounds Anata.  We wanted to make a show in the play ground of the local school which was cut in half by the construction of the wall, and was the site of the fatal shooting of a very young local girl by the Israeli Defence Force.  Unfortunately because of high tensions the local council couldn’t guarantee security and we made the show in the community centre a stones throw away.

Third show was in the French Cultural Centre – in East Jerusalem but inside (the Israeli side) of the wall.  Jerusalem used to be the cultural centre of Palestine; now due to constant hassle from the Israeli authorities many people have left for Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron or Jericho.  Now muslim (East) Jerusalem is devoid of cultural activity – once there used to be three cinemas, now there are none.  This lack of entertainment was brought home to us when over two times the expected number of people turned up for our show!

Crowd incursion:

Crowd Incursion

The rest of the week we will be in and around Salfit just North of Ramallah.  We have 9 shows arranged in 9 different locations over 4 days!  Watch this space for more news and stories.


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