Project Circus2Palestine is (almost) underway

I’ve landed comfortably in Egypt – Dahab, Sinai to be precise.  The plan is to chill and wait here for the other members of the circus to arrive.  Its a chance for me to wind down after a hectic festive season.  To work on some skills for the show and to prepare for the forthcoming tour.

I only just managed to meet British Ariway’s luggage limit (no chance for an increase – thanks a lot you misely BA) what with my performing equipment and stuff for the kids.  Oddballs in Camden were fantastic and donated:

22 juggling balls
6 juggling clubs
6 juggling rings
2 frisbees
1 flowerstick
1 go-pedal
2 spinning plates
4 diabolos
5 sets of poi

So many thanks to Nathan for sorting that out for me.  Also Angie made me up 10 colourful hula-hoops to spread the hula craze to Palestine as well.

Excitement is building and its hard for me not to go around telling everybody what I’m upto.  But I must take things one at a time and enjoy this opportunity for winter sun and little chats with Egyptians – it is my first time here after all.  Dahab must be one of the most touristy places I’ve ever been, but they do it nicely with a very pleasant walk way along the coast, plenty of comfortable restaurants and bars and not too much blarring music.  But its difficult to escape the fact that most people come here for the diving, not the Egyptian culture.

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