Research moves to foreign fields

The mammoth task that is writing a business plan still continues, but on the horizon are more exciting subjects. But let me please first linger on the business plan, because it is so vital to Performers Without Borders’ (PWB) success. Basically, we have decided that we don’t want to be a charity; the bureaucracy can be stifling to innovation and making clear, quick decisions. Rather we want to be, using the current political buzz word, a social enterprise. This means, however, to ensure that the integrity of the project continues we need to draft our governing document carefully to ensure the stakeholders (those who we want to help and those who want to help us) get the maximum benefit. For example, a social enterprise invests all profit back in the community. But all this needs to be done in legal talk, its therefore hard to get advice. However I’m meeting a top consultant soon who should be able to point me in the right direction. So back to the exciting stuff…

On the 11th of December Jonny flies out to India to visit potential communities for our forthcoming project. For two months he’ll be riding one of the world’s largest and busiest rail networks taking journeys of up to 40 hours in cramped dirty conditions, eating greasy train food. So I wouldn’t feel too jealous that he is missing the worst of the London winter and replacing it with the majestic scenery and glorious colours of the Indian countryside. And, and, he’ll probably be the first proper juggler the kids will have seen – a fantastic thing. His work is really important because it is decides who needs the most help and who we can help the best. So hopefully he’ll send some updates and I can let you know.

But I can’t be too jealous of Jonny cause I’m going to Palestine in January! Its a real shock for me as I thought I’d never go, then two weeks ago I meet Ruth from Circus2Iraq. She talked about their latest project in Palestine and said ‘why don’t you come?’ That little sentence played on my mind, sure it would be fantastic to spread a little fun and laughter in the troubled land but what about PWB? Until I realised the value of me working teaching kids in Palestine to the success of PWB – to make the work of PWB the best we can. It seemed to fit perfectly with The Plan, and the question was now ‘why shouldn’t I go?’


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