The Plan is go

Last week I was at the 18th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention (Brizzle). It was a beautiful week of fun and learning in a fine site over looking the River Seven. As the “heart of the juggling community” Brizzle is an extremely warm and safe environment for budding performers to find their character and their confidence, and those more experienced to experiment with new ideas. As such it was the ideal opportunity to launch The Plan – Performers Without Borders (PWB) onto the community, and to gauge thoughts on The Plan from people who know what they are talking about when it comes to putting on a show. I was extremely encouraged by the positive and creative responses given, especially from those who have experience doing similar work to what PWB aspires to. My favourite quote was “Your leaflets [that I was handing out] are causing a storm”.

More personally, Brizzle was a opportunity for me to meet friends that I hadn’t seen since I had been traveling, and to make my largest (and funniest) performance yet. As part of a 11 person team we created a choreographed performance of the Village People’s YMCA with only two hours of rehearsal! It was great fun to be a part of a team and to “camp it up” big style. The show went down amazingly with plenty of whoops and laughter. Skills wise I developed my club-passing, hoola-hoop, flag spinning and club swinging.

Now back in London I am focusing on finding a job and somewhere to live, and generally trying to find a routine upon which I can still find time to ensure that The Plan continues a pace. In the next week or so I hope to have the PWB website finished and published. Also coming soon is news on whether UnLtd will be supporting us; nail biting stuff.


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